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But don't take it from me...

I have worked with Kari for 5+ years across various client businesses and can honestly say she's one of the best, most talented creative partners I have ever worked with in my career. She's detail-oriented, passionate & a strategic thinker that elevates the work by understanding client business needs/landscapes while having a deep knowledge of how to connect with consumers through creative expression. She continuously pushes the work to greater heights and drives thought leadership throughout her team by being a true, vocal leader that is respected & admired by all her peers.

Andrew Streeter, Account Director, IN Marketing

 “Kari is everything you want in a Creative Director. Kari has extensive knowledge of what motivates consumers, insight into how to connect with them and create engaging customer experiences, and she has the passion to see the creative vision through to completion. She's incredibly articulate and persuasive, a fantastic writer, who also has a great eye for art direction, and will inspire any team to take their creative work to the next level. The beauty of it is; she also makes it fun to be on her team! Any Creative team would be more successful for having Kari's creative superpowers working for them!”

~Laura Wolf, Sr Art Director

“Kari and I have been colleagues for over 12 years, despite not always working at the same agency. Kari embodies that rare blend of a creative visionary and caring mentor that you don't always find in a creative director. I've seen young writers and designers blossom under her guidance, and have watched her take an everyday, seemingly mundane assignment, and turn it into an innovative and ground-breaking idea. She is a fantastic partner for both her account and strategy teammates, and will always push for what's right for the work. I would jump at the chance to work with her again.” Dana Stotts SVP, Director of Customer and Channel Strategy, ARC Worldwide

“Kari is one of the most talented creative directors. She is innovative, smart, articulate and passionately creates concepts that change the consumer behavior and enhances the brand. She is the best creative leader that motivates her teams by pushing the work to a higher standard. She’s a crafty writer, a killer presenter and the perfect business partner.” June Lee, Digital ACD Art

Kari is incredible! One of the best things that has happened in my career thus far has been teaming up with this powerhouse. She is so talented. Genius wordsmith with a great eye for design. Solution-oriented. Super smart and articulate. Everything she says is thoughtful, informed and sound - whether it be client meetings, brainstorms, or feedback. Kari is an incredible partner and manager. She guides and supports her team. She elevates the creative each and every time. Truly glad to be working with her!

- Jowita Kostek, ACD Art

“Kari is among the most strategic creative thinkers I've come across in the shopper marketing industry. As a strategic planner, I could count on Kari to 'keep me honest' by always pushing for deeper insights and understanding, thus elevating the work to a higher level. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Kari again in the future.“ Jessica Ried, VP Strategic Planning, IN Marketing

Kari is a powerhouse creative director with incredible range. Looking for a headline, a big idea, or guidance on a project? Kari has you covered. Her passion for the work is unparalleled, and as a manager, she always boosts, encourages, and protects her creatives. Most importantly, she is just really really effing fun to work with. 

Jessie Cadle, CW 

 “Kari is a person I can't imagine my career without. Not only does she possess true creative prowess, I so admire her leadership and her ability to create the best work, work the whole team can get behind. And as a mentor, Kari has genuinely made me a better creative, by her guidance but also by entrusting me with opportunities to learn and grow. She is one of a kind.”

Hannah Saunders, Art Director

“Kari was great to work for. She's organized, detail oriented, no-nonsense and funny, which makes her really good at what she does. It's hard to find a combination of all, and because of this, she is my most favorite Creative Director, ever.”

- Wendy Keller, freelance sr. designer

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