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Before & After: Wallpaper

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Most designers will tell you that your master bedroom should be a soothing and peaceful mix of neutrals, a relaxing sanctuary where you can wind down at the end of the day. So the first thing we did when we moved into this house was paint the bedroom a creamy off-white and install neutral looped berber carpeting. We picked a lovely upholstered bed from Room & Board, also beige. It was restful all right - in fact, it was such a snooze I fell asleep three times typing this paragraph.

WOMP WOMP [Before]

Over the years, I spent a small fortune on colorful duvets, but it still felt flat and unfinished. Then one day I found a pretty floral wallpaper dead cheap in the clearance section of and promptly ordered the last four rolls. BAM.

That's a whole lot of pretty for $20/roll

Wallpapering can be a fun bonding activity that really brings a couple closer together. Or it can make you want to stab your partner and/or yourself repeatedly with a wallpaper cutter, but please don’t because you’ll just dull the blade. My husband and I are both relatively intelligent people but papering a wall with slanted ceilings and a window involves a level of precision that we are apparently incapable of, so there was a lot of holding it up and guessing. This is not a recommended method for applying wallpaper, in case you’re wondering. But eventually, after 5 hours and some quiet weeping (him, not me), we had our wallpapered focal wall and it was magnificent. We congratulated ourselves heartily for the near-perfect match between the background color of the wallpaper and our wall paint (Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee) and admired how the light caught the metallic petals of the flowers. Both happy accidents, I admit, but man, it looks great.

The point of this story, besides underscoring the value of hiring a professional wallpaper hanger and paying attention in geometry class, is that a small, relatively inexpensive change like wallpapering one wall can be the thing that takes a neutral bedroom from snoozy to dead sexxxy. Attic walls like this are begging for wallpaper. Just take your time, have patience, and be nice to your partner whenever they're holding a sharp object.


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