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DIY: Horse Wall Art

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

I was always a unicorn girl. As a kid, my room was Unicorn Central. We're talking posters, figurines, books - I even had a unicorn bedspread. My favorite movie was The Last Unicorn, which I rewatched recently and wow, it's dark. Anyway, I like to think of this as the grown up version of that childhood obsession.

We have a lot of great art in our house but I wanted something different for this wall. Something graphic and dimensional and totally unique. Something we could make ourselves. I searched online for free clipart until I found an image I liked. Shocker! It was a horse! Which is basically a unicorn but not trying as hard. Josh borrowed a projector from work and bought a piece of hardboard for a few bucks. A few hours later, we were done. Fast, easy, and cheap - my favorite kind of project!

We used small wood scraps to keep it about an inch off the wall and then screwed through the blocks and into studs. It was quick work to patch and paint over those two holes.

At the time our walls were gray, so I painted the horse white. But it's also been cream and is now black. It's become our unofficial mascot and the signature of our home.

My inner tween couldn't be happier.


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