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Huggies Gender Reveal

THE BRIEF: Make an emotional connection with prenatal moms to get them to add Huggies to their baby registries


THE IDEA: Huggies Gender Reveal

It’s your 20 week doctor’s appointment, the one with that first ultrasound. Tears spring into your eyes as you see that tiny heart pulsing, the sweet little head and cute little tushie (even if you’re not sure which one is which). The doctor looks over at you with a smile and asks if you want to know: boy or girl. You both nod yes and she hands you a small beautifully designed box, telling you the answer is inside. You can open it here and now, or later in a private moment, or even at a special party surrounded by all your family and friends. When you do, you’ll find a teeny tiny newborn Huggies diaper inside, tied up perfectly in a pink or blue ribbon - a diaper so small it fits in the palm of your hand. And for the first time it will seem real. Today your baby is an adorable blob on an ultrasound photo. But one day soon he or she will be in your arms, soft and warm, wearing an itty bitty diaper just like this one.  


Congratulations from Huggies.


It’s a girl. 

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