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THE BRIEF: Create a personal care category solution for Walmart that will appeal to newly independent millennial women


THE STRATEGY: Show her how Walmart has everything she needs to go after her goals, starting with the most personal goal: her personal care. Inspired by the trending popularity of #goals we created Goal Diggers - a program edgy enough to get her attention and make her reconsider Walmart, yet inherently positive. Social influencer Goal Diggers who were experts in various areas of life (financial, fitness, beauty etc) would help millennials set and reach their own goals. To kick off the program, we proposed partner with an etsy artist to create a free framable print in magazines and for download, helping this female artist reach her goals. And giving women a free visual reminder of theirs. In store and online, we developed a seasonal calendar that was relevant to our shopper - spring break, summer fest season, fall nesting, and showed how Walmart products were central to them. 

ART DIRECTION: Jowita Kostek, Elise Nishiyama

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